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Our Core Services

AI Integration is a must for any modern organisation, we are here to help you every step of the way

  • AI Integration

    • ChatGPT adoption strategy
    • Intelligent Chatbots
    • AI powered customer service
    • PDF & Document Analytics
    • AI powered marketing
    • Private Copilots
    • Custom ChatGPt models
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  • AI Education & Training

    • Interactive learning Chatbots
    • AI regulation, ethics & compliance
    • AI Certification Guides
    • AI training for executives
    • AI training for developers
    • AI training for knowledge workers
    • Employee AI readiness tracking platform
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  • AI advisory

    • Cost optimization
    • AI adoption strategy & roadmap
    • Data readiness assessment
    • Cloud readiness assessment
    • AI maturity assessment
    • AI regulation, ethics & compliance
    • Security & privacy
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  • Specialised AI solutions

    • AI for Energy & Utilities
    • AI for Financial Service & Insuarance
    • AI for Government
    • AI for Manufacturing & Agriculture
    • AI for Retail, Ecommerce & Marketing
    • AI for Entertainment & Media
    • AI for Education
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  • Data Engineering

    • Data lake management
    • Data warehousing
    • PowerBI/Tableau etc.
    • Web scraping
    • Data annotation
    • Data catalog & governance
    • Realtime data pipelines
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  • Data Science

    • Custom model training
    • MLops (Machine Learning Operations)
    • Predictive analytics
    • Distributed/Large scale training pipelines
    • Realtime analytics & anomaly detection
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Computer Vision & Video Analytics
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